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Art Classes

At the Arts Council of Big Sky, we believe that Arts Education improves lives and communities. We strive to make our educational opportunities truly accessible for all. We offer year-round Pottery Courses, Children's Programs, Community Art Classes, and Speciality Courses offering instruction on various art forms. Our brand new classroom in the BASE Community Center located at 285 Simkins Drive, Big Sky Montana is an inspiring and energizing space to create!

Our 2023 Summer Art Classes run through August 24th. Class registration is now open for Fall 2023 Classes! Please follow the links below to learn about our class offerings.



At the Arts Council of Big Sky, we believe that arts education improves and changes lives and communities for the better. Our goal is to make our educational opportunities accessible to all. Understanding that “accessible” means different things to different people, we are piloting Montana’s first “Contribute-What-You-Can” art education program with various pricing options for our art classes. This means there is an art class for everyone regardless of financial need.

How does “Contribute-What-You-Can” work? Each class is listed with a “suggested class fee,” which would typically this would be the retail price of the class. However, when registering for our classes, you will find a range of price options from as low as 20% of the suggested cost. Participants do not need to submit extra paperwork or detailed personal information for discounted rates. They can simply choose the best price option for them at any given time, no strings attached!

An Opportunity to Give. Participants who would like to make an additional contribution may do so while registering for their classes as well. These giving opportunities include donating a small amount to help underwrite our fee model, or even purchasing the total price of a class for someone in financial need.

We believe in the arts and even more in our community’s generosity and dedication to the arts and culture in our growing mountain town! Thank you for joining us as we pilot this special program!

Ready to donate? CLICK HERE to support accessibility to Arts Education programming right now!

Thank You to Our Contribute-What-You-Can Sponsors!