Public Art

Deborah Butterfield Public Installation
We are currently working on an ambitious and exciting project to commission and install an outdoor sculpture by world-renowned horse sculptor Deborah Butterfield. Butterfield’s horses grace outdoor locations across the country, but few are in Montana – though she has lived here for decades and has a studio only 30 miles from Big Sky. An installation in our community will honor one of our state’s most accomplished artists and provide a spectacular anchor for all our public art efforts. Watch an inspiring video about the artist here: Deborah Butterfield: Dialogue with an Artist.


Other Public Sculptures
This year, a large Jim Dolan bull elk sculpture, donated to the Arts Council by Lindy and Doug Adelmann, was installed outdoors near the Uplands and Hummocks trailhead – a public location, for the viewing pleasure of all. We hope to have a second Dolan installed at the Ousel Falls trailhead by next summer.



Public Utility Wraps
What started as a project with Lone Peak High School Student, Dasha Bough, has led to a community project with several partners and more than 30 wrapped utility boxes and public trash receptacles.







As a presenting organization, we’ve used numerous other venues around town, including the Big Sky Chapel, Buck’s T-4 Lodge, Lone Mountain Ranch, Big Sky Resort and many others.